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Sometimes it takes an outside voice to lead a team to the next level. Our tech leadership and coaching programs boost in-house capabilities so that scale-ups can grow independently.

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Ted Bell
Ecommerce Thinking have had a dramatic impact on our development team and, in turn, our whole business. After six months of hands-on work, they helped us to reshape the team and dramatically improved its overall performance and speed of output. We could not be happier or more grateful for their support.
Ted Bell, CEO, Freddie’s Flowers

How we deliver


Prioritise your roadmap

There’s a hundred things you could do but what should you do and in what order?

We compare your business objectives with your readiness to reach them. By modelling the as-is state of your tech and data, we identify gaps and prioritise a clear roadmap for the next 12 months. Meaning you can move fast, confident in the knowledge that your tech and data roadmap has been designed by industry leaders.

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Make the right choices

The success rate of technology investment is boosted by prior experience, before jumping into digital transformation projects it’s important to ask has your decision making team done this before?

Our service designers and system architects have worked with the best (and the worst!) tools across all parts of an Ecommerce scale-up. We visualise your end to end customer journey and model the business admin experience. From Ecommerce platforms to ERPs, and data warehouses to customer service apps – we know what good looks like for your business.

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Balance stability and change

How much faster could you grow if you had a tech team containing the right people, in the right seats, focused on the right targets?

Whilst engaging with your teams, we will be analysing and carefully considering where your team needs reinforcement, realignment or change. Our Director and Head Of resources are experienced team-builders and managers within agile teams.

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