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From helicopter view strategy to down-in-the-weeds reality, we enable scale in Ecommerce businesses.

Our focus is pairing the top tech talent with the most ambitious Ecommerce brands, building lasting relationships focused on mutual growth. We take on project, retained and interim roles to level up your team.

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Luke Hodgson x Ecommerce Thinking

Luke Hodgson


Focus: Helps Ecommerce scaleups make better informed tech and data decisions.

Past life: Co-founder & CEO at Patchworks, CTO at Freddie’s Flowers, Tech Director at Oddbox.

Andy Slater x Ecommerce Thinking

Andy Slater


Focus: Designer of products that automate Ecommerce operations.

Past life: Co-founder at Patchworks, Integrations Engineer at Juno.

Vic Graves x Ecommerce Thinking

Victoria Graves


Focus: Keeps Ecommerce leaders focused on the highest value work and pairs brands with the best tech talent.

Past life: Account Manager at Logic Spot, Project Manager at Instinctif Partners.

Nathan Bawden x Ecommerce Thinking

Nathan Bawden


Focus: Knows the metrics that matter in scaleups. Enabling leaders to buy, sell and operate smarter.

Past life: Head of Data at Flatspot, Head of Data at Snug, Analyst and Developer at Koo.

Afnan Saqr x Ecommerce Thinking

Afnan Saqr


Focus: Agile project management and cross functional team leading.

Past life: Project Manager at Intrasoft, Product Manager at Little Thinking Minds, Business Analysis Manager at MenalTech.

Daniel Oates x Ecommerce Thinking

Daniel Oates


Focus: Implementing full data stacks. From data ingestion and data warehouse to business intelligence platforms and data analytics tooling.

Past life: Integration Consultant at Brandbank, SQL Developer at Arch Insurance.

Anthony Silver x Ecommerce Thinking

Anthony Silver


Focus: Service design, research and tech implementation in rapid growth scaleups.

Past life: Head of Commercial Development at The Hut Group, Consultant at Unilever.

We have a simple approach to team building: Find people who know what good looks like in a specialist domain within Ecommerce, then empower them to drive transformation and deliver value.
Luke Hodgson, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Ecommerce Thinking