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If you’re considering working with Ecommerce Thinking, this is the best place to start. Our values guide everything we do, from how we make decisions to when we log off.

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Openness always wins

Be open and never cease to learn. Whether you like it or not.

Openness doesn’t offer certainty or absolute control, but it does something more important: it leaves room for the unforeseeable and unpredictable, and that is the only space from which we can expect progress and solutions to our problems.

Trust the data – and your gut

Never replace finely-honed instincts with data, enhance them.

Good data doesn’t guarantee good decisions, in the same way a pair of state of the art trainers doesn’t guarantee a sub-3 hour marathon time.

Sophisticated data tools and analysis strategies level up your decision making abilities but it takes a combination of intuition and analysis to make the best calls.

Progress is not a miracle

We never reach utopia, but we constantly level up.

Progress doesn’t mean that everything gets better for everyone all the time. That wouldn’t be progress. It would be a miracle. Progress is not a miracle; it’s the result of solving problems.

Problems are inevitable, and solutions create new problems that must be solved in turn.

Balance forges smart decisions

Outside voices boost the integrity of your decisions.

Whilst one person still has to call the play, alternative technical, situational, or cultural knowledge boosts your capability to make more effective, balanced decisions.

Engage with people who know what good looks like in their domain. And listen.

Success requires resilience

Successful isn’t something we are, it’s something we become.

Nobody achieves anything great by being safe and cozy. Success is reliant upon failure, and both are a natural result of risking a little bit more. It’s impossible to build a sustainable business and not make mistakes.

One’s goal should be to not make the same mistake twice.

No business is simple

People always want things to be simple.

Denying the existence of complexity means you will never achieve simplicity.

Complexity has to be acknowledged and engaged with in order to be understood. Deep understanding fuels creativity; from creativity comes simplicity.

Pure Electric

Pledge 1%

Ecommerce Thinking pledges 1% of its profits and resources to philanthropic causes that improve our world. Currently, we are investing specifically towards nonprofits that are focused on removing barriers to the tech industry for disadvantaged groups.

Code your future

Code Your Future is a global coding school for refugees and disadvantaged groups. Developing the technical and soft skills required to thrive in the tech industry.


Our team is motivated by improving the communities in which they work. We are always interested in knowing more about initiatives where we can have an impact.

UK Benefits

4% Pension contribution

We match every person’s retirement contribution at 4%, going beyond the norm to support financial security for all team members.

23 Days paid leave

We want you to use all of them. We are also closed for national holidays.

EMI All colleague share scheme

Coming 2021

1% Dedicated to philanthropy

We commit 1% of our time and profit to philanthropic causes that make the world a better place.

Personal development fund

We invest in our people so that they continue pursuing their potential.